Life Lessons

regrets tiny buddhaI have none. Zero, zip, zilch.
Regrets, that is. There are times I wish I had done something different, told my mother I loved her more, asked my dad the pressing questions I now have about my heritage but may never know the answers to, saw someone in their true light as opposed to who I thought they were.
I regret saying that.
I regret I ever fell in love with you.
I regret we ever met.
I regret I let you go.
I regret, I regret, I regret. An endless list if we live our life regretting.

Regrets are fruitless. Meaningless musings that lead nowhere.
Each of us, no matter our position in life, has a purpose; a reason for being on this earth at this particular moment. It’s up to us to find that purpose, and one of the ways we find our purpose is by learning lessons.
I believe a regret is a life lesson for our personal growth.
Life lessons happen all throughout our lives. Each one brings us closer to our higher purpose and directs us away from the path we were following at the time the lesson occurred, giving us a choice to choose a different path.
Lessons/regrets, or whatever we want to call them, are all a part of soul growth. They are in the past, and should stay in the past. Acknowledge the lesson, honor it by learning from it, never do it again, and move on with your life.
For whatever reason, I have the innate ability to do what I described above. I am immensely grateful for this. As someone who can learn and move beyond a lesson, I have a hard time understanding how to help a person who cannot.
Case in point: there is someone I love who lives in the past, forever regretting, wishing they could change what happened.
At one time, we shared a life altering, traumatic experience. One where God placed us on an invisible path together, with a fork in it. Each of us had to choose which direction we would take. Go one direction and we would allow the experience we lived through to shape us for the rest of my lives. Go the other direction and we would have to make a conscious decision to learn from it and move on. Thankfully, I chose the latter. Was it easy? No, soul growth is never simple; it’s hard. Did I stumble and fall? Many, many times. But, I refused to allow this horrible thing to shape the rest of my life and fill it with crippling despair and infinite sorrow. I thank God every day for the choice I made.
Unfortunately, my beautiful soul sister remains in that dark place and as a result, she is in a state of constant suffering. Nothing goes right for her, ever. Regretting, missing those who have passed on, wanting them back, albeit impossible. She is a prisoner of her past; unable to move forward to her ultimate potential.
When I started writing this post, I said I have no regrets. None.
But that’s not true.
If I have any at all, I regret being unable to help someone who is dear to me to move beyond and away from her despair.
To learn to bask in the sunshine of her own soul again. To realize her soul potential, to be happy at last.Copyright©2017

Linda Lee Lyberg


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