The Space between Us, 1989


The Space Between Us

-Linda Lee Lyberg

There once was a time
When we were so close
We could read each other’s minds
But now these days as the distance grows
You’ve left our love behind.

The void that is between us
Seems so vast and wide
You feel like such a stranger
I’ve learned to keep emotions inside
And so our love is in danger.
What has gone wrong you ask me?
Can you not feel my desperate loneliness?
Before you were there
To listen, to see
But now there is only emptiness.
An empty house
An empty bed
A dinner eaten alone
A lonely heart
No pillow for my head
No place to call my home.
For you are gone more than here
As I wander through these empty rooms
So no longer
Is this house a home
For a home does not inflict wounds.
Linda Lee Lyberg


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