The Color of Love

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The Color of Love

-Linda Lee Lyberg

Morning peeks through my window
In my forgetful slumber
I reach out for you
My hand touches the
Cold pillow where your
Head once lay
And I remember.

Crisp sheets,
Groping hands,
Wet lips,
Misty eyes,
Tangled hair,
Warm bodies,
In the throes of love.
But now
You’ve gone…
So I am left
With the tainted memories
Of warm pillows
And lazy mornings
With our love.
Linda Lee Lyberg


8 Comments on “The Color of Love

  1. the colour of love
    should be clear… clean… transparent
    both souls exposed
    tainted love… danger
    no colour can disguise
    unrequited love
    the color of love
    burning passion… desirers
    truelove realised
    both your eyes will show
    trueloves colour… it twinkles
    twinkles never lie
    my words inspired
    by the colour of love
    your words did explain

    Many thanks…

    Liked by 1 person

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