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The Egg


-By Linda Lee Lyberg

This is sensual bliss
A perfect golden yolk
Luscious as my lips kiss
Thoughts of lust provoked

The silkiness of liquid sunshine
As I lay it on my eager tongue
The texture, so thick and sublime
I shiver, shake, I’m all undone
There is nothing like a simple egg
To please the hunger of a soul
The egg will never make you beg
Once eaten, you’re sated and whole.
Linda Lee Lyberg


32 thoughts on “The Egg

  1. “the silkiness of liquid sunshine” — perfect description for that soft boiled egg…
    A fun response to the post! And that’s no yolk 🙂

  2. O, eggs! I can almost hear those boys from Oliver! (the 1968 movie) sing Food Glorious Food, but with a twist 🙂

    “…Magical eggs,
    Wonderful eggs,
    Marvelous eggs,
    Fabulous eggs,
    Beautiful eggs,
    Glorious eggs…”


  3. Well, this is such a great post to create a real yearning for eggs, in any form. I’m a fan of hardboiled because they travel well and love them with just salt! Now I’m craving a deviled egg sandwich! Are you getting a commission for the Egg Council? LOL!

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