#Quadrille: Untamed

She wept with a fiery fervency
in a futile quest to suppress
searing flames of her heart’s desires.

Alas, to great sorrowful shame
they grew ever higher
ever brighter
as passion in her soul shook
with untamed animal urgency.
 ©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg
Photo by Wyron A on Unsplash

26 Comments on “#Quadrille: Untamed

  1. Linda, this is urgent, and beautiful. Can you throw some form of the word “fire” in there for me, to make it a Quadrille? Fiery, fired, firing…any form will do. Could be as easy as changing the first line to “fiery fervency.” I like the way it burns now, but needs “fire” to be the Q form.

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  2. It’s difficult to supress one’s passions when they erupt as fiery flames. Beautifully executed💖

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  3. “She wept with a fiery fervency’ …….and……..”searing flames of her heart’s desires”
    I like how this begins with fighting fire with fire!

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