The Shape of Aging

Her clay, cool and smooth her body voluptuous and round
shapely goddess watching over as my soul soars unbound
she takes me places in my heart I’ve never been before
asking me to sail with her along uncharted shores

I’m far from this my writing room,
where the sun beams through my window
searching amidst mysterious shadows,
like those that surround her fertile womb
She’s been with me forever, through the darkest days
my one hope is endeavor to exude her confidence and beauty
as this changing body of mine, smooths and rounds with age


©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg


Author’s Note: Sarah has asked us to take an object into our hands, touch it, feel the weight of it, spend time with it. I chose my Goddess, molded from a humble piece of clay. I love her; she’s been with me for many years.

21 Comments on “The Shape of Aging

  1. Oh, she’s gorgeous. I like your mention of the mysterious shadows round her womb, and your comparison with your own body as you age. ~She exudes a feminine confidence – I can see why she inspires you.

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  2. Ah yes… comment here….as the body changes at around 40, it’s difficult to accept (at least it was for me)….40s and 50s — omg why do I suddenly have a belly???? Now in my 7th decade, I’m happy with me….and just being here. And I’m wearing bright colors and tucking shirts in and wearing my shape like a prized trophy. After all, there are others who have become angels far too young.

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