Stone On My Tongue

How long has it been since I’ve said your name aloud for it sits on
my tongue like a stone, a heavy burden because you’ve gone.

Once upon a time, you held my hand and never let go
a symbol that I belonged, a message to all the others
I have chosen her, she is mine- stay far away.

I became a woman at ease with her wants and desires
and you with your melodic voice and ocean blue eyes
were happy to get burned feeding those passionate fires

Our hunger for one another never waned, a wild feral thing
with a life of its own but then one day, you went
and left me all alone without a home, dead and gone

I blame myself sometimes and often ponder –
Was it because you never knew how much I adored, loved you?
So, sits the stone on my tongue and the wondering will go on.

©2019 Linda Lee Lyberg

Imaginary Garden With Real Toads: Fireblossom Friday: Love


40 Comments on “Stone On My Tongue

  1. Perfect, Linda. If I were her I’d heed your call, stone on tongue or no. We were on the same vein, ‘gone’, different paths.

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  2. I’d bet that most of us have at least one such name–one that we cannot easily speak. I know I do. You nail that feeling and the overall concept beautifully here. well done.

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