Dragon Rose

Dragon rose born of white ice and blood fire
possessing the delicate bouquet
of an innocent maiden’s desire
but alas the flower is only hearsay
a fairytale myth as the wyvern beasts of old
whose sight in the sky would turn a man cold.

©2021 Linda Lee Lyberg

Author’s Note: When I came across this image (on Pixabay), it made me curious because I had never heard of a dragon rose. Well, I discovered that there are a lot of places selling ‘ black dragon rose seeds’, which is a scam. From what I have read, a rose like this could never be grown from seed.

dVerse Poets Pub: Quadrille Dragon

54 Comments on “Dragon Rose

  1. I hadn’t heard of a dragon rose either, but it’s so beautiful, ‘born of white ice and blood fire’! It definitely has magic about it, Linda, and it reminds me of the fairy tale of Rose White and Rose Red.

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  2. A poem to read aloud, or to sing as lyrics. You use rhyme organically, no clumsy knuckle dragging or forced rhymes. I’m primarily a free verse sort of cat, but you could convert me.

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  3. You just can’t trust those wyvern beasts!! Interesteing bit of trivia on the rose. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. I once had a stint in horticulture, and I too have never heard of this rose – what a beauty, and but a compliment to the real business of your enchanting lines. You really had me at wyvern

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  5. Happy to learn about a new flower. I googled and saw other colours too
    Have a good week
    I linked in at #23


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  6. Awesome picture and equally awesome verses, Linda. A dragon rose…very lovely and cute. I have never seen one except in pictures. You have added glory to its beauty.

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