Memories of a Life Together, 2003


Memories of a Life Together

-Linda Lee Lyberg, 2003

Another milestone in our lives,
7 years together.
Loving, Laughing
Screaming, Crying-
More Laughing.

Around the Corner, Up the Street
Across the country to a New Life
Homeless, Penniless, Doomed
Moving Again.

Road Trips
To Wisconsin, to Texas
To San Diego,
Maps & more Maps
Lost in Tijuana, Tears of Empathy.

Death of a Friend
Of an Aunt, of a Grandmother
Of a sister
Remembering, Regretting
Re-Living, Life moves on.

Dancing under the stars
Drinking champagne
Fighting, Making Up
Making Love
Swimming Naked in the Moonlight.

In The Rain, In The Sunshine
Sitting in a hot tub under the Sedona Stars
In the Cold, Making Love
Planning, Dreaming.

Kitchen Remodel, Building a Pond
Countless Discussions, Endless Debates
Everything Resolved.
Compromising, Chastising
Apologizing, More Laughing.

Candlelight Dinners
Bottles of Wine, Gourmet Food, Homemade Pizza
Dave Brubeck, Def Leppard
Sade, Moonlight & Cigars

Listening to the Blues
Always, There is the Music
Working, Missing One Another
Yearning, Believing
Another 50 Years
Just like the Last Seven- Making Love.

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