Alone in this peaceful space
with only my spirited thoughts
forbidden luscious flowers tempting
my life breathing light and free
my inner passions set loose, unleashed.

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Rusted Memories (one-bun)

Rusted memories…

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In Truth

In truth, what is love?
Is it a broken soul pleading for help
locked in a prison they created?
Or a shadowy figure standing in darkness
beckoning to you, yes, come here, to me
Do you give your heart and your light?

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Quiet Nakedness

Here in my garden, there is peace; there is a quiet stillness. I sit, with pencil and stark white paper, writing. Baring my naked soul for all who read to see. My sorrows, my hopes, my dreams, my downfalls. A butterfly flutters by, landing on the lemon tree. Nearby, a statue of David in all his nude glory, stands sentinel. Venus is here on her pedestal, baring her stark white breasts to the sun. Here, I am unclad; my soul laid open in this sacred sanctuary. For each day I write, I disclose more and more of my true essence. The passion in me roars for acknowledgement, for understanding. Someone to listen and realize, to know me better than I know myself. In this tranquil garden, is the beginning of my true nakedness.

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Haibun: Loneliness

A little over a year ago, I left my career. I had a high pressure position that demanded a great deal of my time. My travel was extensive and the only times I was alone was in a hotel room. I used those moments to read and decompress. Books have always been a wonderful companion for me as I can get lost in a good story. The only writing I did was answering the vast amounts of emails I received on any given day. Funny, looking back on it now, I was lonelier then than I am now. Surrounded by people for hours on end. I missed my husband, my home, my bed, and my dog.

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Haibun- Warm Spring

Hummingbird and Ocotillo
The air is fresh and bright on my early morning walk. Thrashers, perched on high treetops are beckoning for the sun to shine on them so they may bask in it’s warm light. The ocotillos are brilliant green with the top of each stalk sporting a fiery bloom. Orange is a prevalent color here in the desert. The yellow-orange and crimson red lantana are a shock of arresting color. They beg the butterflies to pause on their journey to drink of their sweetness. A black chinned hummingbird is slurping nectar from a tangerine red desert honeysuckle.
Under the mesquite tree, a flock of lovebirds feast on birdseed. A perfect Spring day, a present if you will, given with hope and promise.

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Broken Wing

a-matter-of-life-and-death.jpgImage used with permission of the artist, Fay Collins

She used to sway and dance
on the water’s grassy shore
where the waves ever lap
singing their lulling chord.

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