Love Games

tic-tac-toe-1777859_1280Come, even if you have broken your vows a thousand times. 
Come, yet again, come, come. 
My heart wants to know if my love ever made a difference did it fill the emptiness,
did it ever matter?

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His mind’s all black thickets and blood.” – Jim Harrison


In the deep heart of the dense forest
amidst captive shafts of untouched light
here is where bramble berries flourish
while the land surrenders without a fight.

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#Tanka: Evening Lull

In the gloaming hours
when the sun is setting low

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“The world that used to nurse us now keeps shouting insane instructions.  That’s why I ran to the woods.”– Jim Harrison
‘Separate the children, put them in cages.’
‘I really don’t care, do U?’

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The One Truth

“I see today that everyone on earth wants the answer to the same question but none has the language to ask it.” Jim Harrison
I want to ask the moon how many lovers she has had for
I know it must be many with her luminous personality.

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#Haiku: Stonehenge

midsummer solstice

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“Love is raw as freshly cut meat, mean as a beetle on the track of dung.”Jim Harrison

The innocent child in me believes
in love with a pure intent
the kind of love
while dancing
in a fairytale trance
and wearing glass slippers.

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#Tanka: Swamp


In this dreary swamp
where the mysterious keens

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Panacea for these Lips


The panacea for these lips that yearn to taste the essence
is the way the light hits on the glass of ruby wine
for hidden in its shadows of blood-red luminescence
lies the absolution and restitution for a stressful life.

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Living Left in a Right World

“I’m quite tired of beating myself up to write. I think I’ll start letting the words slip out like a tired child. “Can I have a piece of pie” he asks, and then he’s asleep back on the cusp of the moon.”Jim Harrison  Songs of Unreason

Learning to write with this tainted hand,
this limb of the devil that chose me
I want to tilt my paper, but I’m told no,
that’s not the RIGHT way to be.

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The Roses

It seems like only yesterday since you took your last breath.
Life circles and cycles through, we carry on,
as if nothing important happened
when we said goodbye.

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#Haiku: Flame

eternity’s fire

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