I am the restless ocean, you a tempest storm
churning our waters into a whirlwind of wants
plunging us into murky depths of desire
where we linger, and soon surrender
to that which our fates have conspired.

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New Moon
Hail, new moon
mysteries, untold
night sky glowing with starlight

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Haiku: Serenade

artistry of dawn

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Lilac Blues


Sweet bouquet

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The Light of Youth

The Reflection, Edward Emerson Simmons
When she looks in the mirror, she sees the girl
like a bright beacon of light from within
with rosy cheeks, and bouncing red curls
and a body that was willow switch thin.

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#Tanka: Love’s Victory

Standing before you
In all my naked glory

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Haiku: Pale Dawn

Spring dawn’s misty haze
tranquil lake teeming with life

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