Haiku: Bald Eagle

free spirit soaring

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In Vino Veritas


The sacred truth, now broken as lies spill from his lips
his tongue blood-red and thick with the stain of wine

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#Haiku: Sunny Days

scorching desert sun

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The Siamese on Catshole Lane


She lives on Catshole Lane
with all the common cats on the Isle of Man.

She’s beautiful, hot and exotic, a pure Siamese
with almond-shaped eyes as blue as the sea
and a long graceful tail.
She, an outsider shunned by all the others
for it sets her apart from all the tail less kitties.

But there is one who loves her, a magnificent grey striped male
enamored by her beauty and that amazing tail.

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Flower Moon

When the willows weep at night
they call to the flower moon
Come and spread your light
through our slender tendrils
as beetles scurry underfoot
banish the deepening gloom.

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Thoughts From An Opal Child

As I grow older, time is racing by, as if I am on a high-speed train barreling towards the end of my life. One minute, I am turning a page in the calendar and greeting a new month, and the next a new year is on the horizon. I find myself thinking a lot about my own mortality, and my legacy.  Career, success, recognition, money- goals once so important, seem so frivolous now.
I’ll be 64 October 1st, and more than half my life is over. Every time that thought enters my head, I hear the Beatles song- When I’m 64. In my heart, I’m still that 60’s flower child. Read More


Golden caramel eyes stalking her
across the sea of strangers
a shiver runs up her spine
as she senses impending danger.

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