The Rose in Repose,1997


The Rose In Repose

-Linda Lee Lyberg

A lone gypsy rose quietly stood in the dark shadows of the fall

Struggling to go on living in the midst of crumbling walls.

Despair was all around her as the darkness filled her days

Yet in her heart she knew she must continue on her way.

Alone in a sea of strangers she fought to build a new life

But in her heart she felt struggle and endless strife.

She knew she was slowly dying for her heart needed Love to survive

But no one had the courage to allow her Love to thrive.

And then amongst the sea was this beautiful being of light

A man who had the courage, a man who was willing to fight.

He wrapped his arms around her and wiped away her tears

He took her from the darkness and silenced all her fears.

So now there is only sunshine in all its sweet repose

For you, my darling, are the sunshine and I am your gypsy rose.


Linda Lee Lyberg


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