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Dance With Me, 2006

ballroom1Dance With Me

-Linda Lee Lyberg, 2006

Dance with me as the morning light

Creeps unto our bed.

Hold me close, caress me dear

Be a pillow for my head.

Dance with me when I am sad

Wipe my blues and tears away

Whisper sweet musings into my ear

And tell me you’ll always stay.

Dance with me when I am giddy

Feeling again like a child

Sway your hips and move your feet

Let your spirit and mine run wild.

Dance with me in the heat of lust

When our bodies are interlaced

Look into my eyes and remember

The beauty of my loving face.

Dance with me in the dark of night

When shadows are on the moon

Embrace my love, hold me tight

For time is fleeting too soon.

Dance with me while we can

Before we grow weathered and gray

When time passes slowly & we will wish

We had danced every day.

Dance with me to the end of life

As our souls float free

For you see, I’ll always love you

For I am you & you are me.


Linda Lee Lyberg


Wedding Day,1996

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