Do I Love You Enough

loveDo I Love You Enough?

-Linda Lee Lyberg

Another year has gone by and I ask

Do I love you enough?

Spinning, rushing through this life

Trying to be tough

Never falter, never blunder

Yet now I begin to wonder-

Do I Love You Enough?

Do you realize

But for you

My world would be filled

With somber shades of midnight blue

And darkness would abound

But because of you and only you

There are prisms with infinite rainbows all around.

So I ask

Do I Love You Enough?

You give me courage to follow my dreams,

You believe in me

And because you do, I am so much more

than I have ever been before

but less than I will be

Wait and see.


At the end of my life

What’s important to me


Do I Love you Enough?

rainbow butterfly

6 Comments on “Do I Love You Enough

  1. Oh My, Linda! You are pulling at My heartstrings and I am just letting You reel me in! Gold Stars and Hearts for You, Dear Lady! Excuse me, just needed a tissue. This was such an Awesome and emotional romantic poem! It had that soft, delicate almost dreamy feel to it and just floated me along the Old Lazy River of Love! Your ending was the most moving part and the only word I can think of for it and the whole poem is – Bellissimo Linda, Bellissimo!!
    I am so happy to know You!!!

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  2. Hi Linda, Just reblogged your “Do I Love You Enough” on my blog. I tried so hard to reblog it from here but the reblog button did not launch. I reblogged from Poet’s Corner – sorry! I did give your website in my introduction. Thanks again for this masterful poem. I know my followers with Love it too!

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