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-Linda Lee Lyberg

Perhaps our paths will cross again
In another time and place
Where you and I will both lose
All sense of time and space.

It may not be in this life but
You I’ll forever remember
For your eyes are woven into my soul
And your touch will be endlessly tender.
Until that time I have my memories
Of you and I and a setting sun
Those moments shared will never
Be forgotten for they left me all undone.
So I’ve put them away in a special place
Where only I can find them
But each time I see a sunset
I see your smiling face
And then
I remember.
Copyright © 2017
Linda Lee Lyberg

6 thoughts on “Sunset

  1. I can totally feel this poem. Amazing how words of another can feel like it’s written for you. “For your eyes are woven into my soul”- brilliant writing.

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