Saying Good-Bye

Desperate Dog Pound
Smiling Dog “Spot”
Happy Daily Walks
Catch the ball for 16 years
Failing hips
Deaf ears
Vet’s Office
Cold tile floor
Hot tears spilling
Good-bye Beau.


Copyright © 2017
Linda Lee Lyberg

10 Comments on “Saying Good-Bye

  1. Linda, So sorry for Your loss, no matter when, it still sits there, doesn’t it? Good-byes? Why do they call them “Good-byes”. Not many are truly that good! So, glad that You were blessed with the years that You had and the wonderful memories! Such a Sweet Tribute, My Dear!!!

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    • Thank you Chuck. Good-byes are never easy, especially to a dog who loves and trusts you unconditionally. It’s the most painful feeling ever. If only people could truly love each other as dogs love their humans. It’s a beautiful thought, one we should all strive for.-Linda

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      • Oh, You are so right about that! That would make the world a much better place wouldn’t it? I’m guessing You are not living without “Man’s Best Friend” now?

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