The Kettle


The Kettle

-Linda Lee Lyberg

A kettle gathers in the sky
Their lusty hunger enslaving
The smell of death wafting high
Fueling their frenzied craving.

They circle, soaring overhead
Scoping out the entire land
Ensuring their dinner is dead
And no enemy is at hand.


Once they know the way is clear
They land and begin to feed
Some will eat, then stay near
Ensuring the committee succeeds.


They are vital to our earth
As scavengers, they fight disease
We must honor their true worth
And let them eat in peace.

Linda Lee Lyberg
Author’s Note: For more information about the importance of vultures, please visit: Wildlife research- Vultures
Photo courtesy of: Tracy Villalobos



4 Comments on “The Kettle

  1. Spot on! We have a gathering area nearby. Hundreds and hundreds of them — many roosting on a cellphone tower by evening. The main thoroughfare provides ample meals; great variety of dishes. You nailed it in your poem.

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