43 Cats

italian cats collage
Good Morning all-
This post is a bit off my usual posts of stories and poetry. But I need some advice. In particular this goes out to my fellow female bloggers. But male bloggers, feel free to contribute if you have any insight from your point of view.

Back in February when I started writing this blog, I have been more active on Instagram and Twitter. The goal is to promote my blog and thus generate more followers. While I have picked up a lot of followers on these venues, I have also picked up a lot of, shall we say, lonely men?
And, if you can believe it, some of my followers are famous people! Johnny Depp superstar, and Prince Harry of Kensington Palace is following me. So is a US General, an oil magnate, and a sheik. These people are following little old me, a Texas woman who writes poetry and such?
On Instagram and Twitter, they always start out with ‘Hello Dear’.
What, is there an online manual or site on the web on how to pick up women on Social Media?  
How to Pick up Any Woman in Three Easy Steps:
Step 1- Find a woman whose profile you like.  
Step 2- Reach out to her with an endearing word, we like “Dear” here at How to Pick up Any Woman.
Step 3- We have found through our extensive research that her politeness will prevail. She will respond with a hello at least. If you’re lucky, you may get more. And if she says she’s happily married, don’t believe it! No one is happily married these days!” 

For more helpful tips, Find us at: www.IcantgetadatewithanywomanIinteractwithinperson.com 
I was chatting via email with my fellow blogging friend Chuck, over at The Reluctant Poet.  One of his suggestions was to concoct a wild story.
How about- I live with 43 cats- do you like cats?
Schizophrenia runs in my family, but I don’t believe it. The voices inside my head told me I am fine, it’s the rest of the world that’s crazy.

OR…Thank you for following me. Help, I am being held captive by mad scientists who are turning me into a replicant.

Hmmm. Maybe I change my profile photo to one where I am glaring at the camera, all wide-eyed and crazy-like. On second thought,  I still have a goal of building followers, and that wouldn’t do it.

So, to all the amazing women out there in the blogging world, If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear about them. I know I can’t be the only one who is experiencing this.
Till next time!

Linda Lee Lyberg


25 Comments on “43 Cats

  1. OMG! Linda, you are cracking me up and I think my ribs too. The doctor is going to want to know how I cracked my ribs and I’m going to have to invent a story that doesn’t include reading this post!!! I think I’ll say, I fell on the pickleball court! She will probably believe that!

    Oh, this was so hilarious! Purr-fectly done, I will agree. I still think you should have gone with the one I suggested, “My Nephew works in the FBI and he said he can track down anyone that seems to be harassing me. Should I have him add you to the list of others?”!

    You were so sweet to give me a mention. I do love our chit-chats and banter. I’m going to have to start keeping a file of all the times and ways you bust me up! Bellissimo, Dear Linda, Bellissimo!!! Gold Stars and Hearts are on their way!!

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    • Haha! Thanks Chuck! And if I really believe those guys are actually Johnny Depp and Prince Harry, then you’ve got some swampland in Florida you want to sell me right???

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  2. Clever writing! I agree with Piper – post a photo of your grandma in curlers, “dear.” Better yet, use the cat picture second from the top left – angry on a window ledge. Enjoyed visiting your blog 🙂 (Still looking for the dragonfly…)

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  3. Ugh, I’m fighting this off too. With a big stick of bluntness in the form of posts of me and my HUSBAND HAPPILY SMILING AT THE CAMERA. Doesn’t work. They still come on strong with ‘dear’…….

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  4. Sorry guys, I did not know that was really a thing that happens. Of course, I am male, happily married, talk a lot about death, Trump(sometimes at the same time) and my family. Most people just leave me alone thinking that I’m crazy anyway.

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