Little Bird


Little Bird

-Linda Lee Lyberg

I pay homage to you little bird
Although I know not why

You had to leave this earth today
When I saw you this morn
I knew death was near
I felt it’s cold hand crawling
Your feathers, once so brilliant green
In the hot sunlight
Now fading and ruffled, worn
You shivered as if you were cold
Your eyes, no longer bright and curious
Now fading in the caustic light
Of your magnificent release
I heard your chirping soul
Fading away
In the wind whispering

Linda Lee Lyberg



10 Comments on “Little Bird

      • I’m so sorry. I thought the poem was very well done… but I wanted to know more if you were suffering. You have my sympathy….

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      • Well, it was sad. We have about 20 lovebirds that live in our yard during summer. I love them all and we lose some every year. I know it’s the cycle of life but they are so beautiful and this is the first one I saw before it died. It was sitting on the feeder and didn’t move when I came near. It died a few hours later.


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