-Linda Lee Lyberg

Mighty trees begin their swinging
The tops touching wet earthen ground
With biting hurricane winds stinging
The world she knows turns upside down

The storm is surging and raging
Drenching the fragile hummingbird
And all around her nature is waging
A war as her plaintive squeaks go unheard.
Yet through it all somehow she survives
And lives to tell the most incredible tale
Of days and nights with beasts floating by
As she held on through the crescendoing gale.
Linda Lee Lyberg


32 Comments on “Survivor

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  2. Great images of courage and endurance. After hurricanes came to visit us this year (again), I marveled anew at nature’s ability to sense it coming and hide (see the picture on my Wordless Wed of the tree frog just hours before Irma!) and how we draw strength from that. Lovely poem!

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  3. “As she held on through the crescendoing gale.” I believe this is the tell of the poem. It reads like a metaphor for someone surviving too much life coming at her too fast. Great writing!

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  4. I like the setting of the scene, Linda, with the mighty trees in the hurricane, and ‘The world she knows turns upside down’ – and then I realised it is a ‘fragile hummingbird’ that is in danger and she touched my heart – a wonderful metaphor!

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