In Praise of Rain


In Praise of Rain

-Linda Lee Lyberg

I have a penchant for the rain
For it washes Mother Earth
Cleansing air of pollution’s stain
Sweet raindrops a renewal and birth

Falling droplets reign over us all
They have the unique power to heal
Whether gentle rain or stormy squall
With lightning and thunder’s peal

After, restrained and holding rein
On it’s own miraculous powers
Rain will once again abstain
Until the next Spring shower.

Linda Lee Lyberg



14 Comments on “In Praise of Rain

  1. I love the rain….sorry I’m a bit late to read (even though I’m hosting this prompt). The beauty of Cape Cod’s seashore has been calling me….we are here for two glorious weeks. Yes! The rain has a cleansing ability….we had a little squall pass through last night and I loved hearing it fall on the roof and the deck. Today it’s a bit cloudy but the ocean is beautiful beneath the grey sky…a different color than when it’s calm and reflecting wispy clouds in a bright blue sky. All are beautiful 🙂 So glad you posted!
    PS: love the idea of Mother Earth taking her outdoor shower! 🙂 ❤

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