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Yes or Knot


Yes or Knot

-Linda Lee Lyberg

Let yes be knot


Ripping through negative strands


And knot the assembling

Of boulders slipping

Through my hands.

Linda Lee Lyberg

Paul hosts dVersetonight and want us to throw grammar overboard with inspiration from Gertrude Stein and ee cummings.
Author’s Note:  Not sure about how many rules I broke, but I made the attempt!

30 thoughts on “Yes or Knot

  1. Unraveling / ripping / assembling / slipping… The contrasts and word usage are knot to be overlooked here! This is as intricate as a scout’s knot with layers of meaning slipped throughout.

  2. I really like what you’ve done with the prompt here. So many times, the no, the not, is like a knot, unraveling. As someone else said, multiple meanings here….that negative person, that negative, pessimistic one, tied up in knots indeed.

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