Insight: The Feather

feather and stone balance

Insight: The Feather

-Linda Lee Lyberg

Today I watched a tiny feather floating in the breeze
Letting the air carry it to wherever it pleased.

As I watched the plume float I began to understand
Our souls are mere wisps as well, floating along as planned.


Is our life’s fate determined with our first gasping breath
The lessons we learn, who we love until our body’s death?


Some will ponder and argue that we have free will
Others will say, it’s destiny, but we have a choice still.


We are borne into this life with lessons we must learn
And should we choose not to, our soul will always yearn.


Unless we take the time to linger, behold, and hear
We’ll always spend our life chasing what is unclear.


If we float along the breeze and listen to our soul’s whisper
The future will abide in our hearts, our life becoming crisper.


Linda Lee Lyberg


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