Sliding door


-By Linda Lee Lyberg

Would that death catch me unaware
cloaked in black darkness of eternal night.

Will I be resistant, or lay down my soul bare

and go eagerly to the bright blessed light?

Should I let go and concede my life’s flight?

For death in essence is but another sliding door

Through which our soul passes, forevermore.


Linda Lee Lyberg

I am linking this to dVerse Meeting the Bar. The form is Chaucerian stanza or rime royale: seven lines rhyming ababbcc.  Please do join in!



19 Comments on “Sliding door

  1. I think this is a really good take on the form. (I’m actually iambic-challenged; never learned the differences in stresses. I can hear them, but I write them haphazardly… and then have to resort to a dictionary and advice from friends.) The wording lends a wavering light to the tone as you contemplate, rightly, the ambiguity one must feel as they consider death — even someone who lives in faith takes a deep breath before stepping onto the tram.

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  2. The sliding door is an interesting imagery — made even more thought-provoking with the featured picture being of a train compartment’s. In a way, it’s a door that’s opened for us, and not by us, much like a train’s. I wonder, though, whether we are on a train pending to exit or waiting on the platform to board one. This thought comes up since I’m actually working on a poem that somewhat relates to the former scenario. I drafted it on a bus (but I think the train works better). Anyway, thank you, Linda, for much food for thought served delectably in this wonderful piece.

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  3. This is so very well done. The idea of the sliding door….an excellent one here.
    Have you seen the movie about the sliding doors on a subway…cannot recall its name. It begins with a person getting on through the doors, riding, and then stepping off into her life. We see her in this life. Half-way through, the movie shifts….same person getting on the same train, in the same doors, same people on the train etc….but she gets off at another stop…IE sliding doors into another place…and it proceeds to tell her life there.

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    • Lillian- thank you for the kind words. And yes, I have seen it a long time ago- Gwyneth Paltrow played the lead, and it was called Sliding Doors. I loved the movie, and in part, it was some of the inspiration for this poem. That, along with my dad passing away recently. Death has left me pondering….

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