The Blaze


-By Linda Lee Lyberg

They leapt into the pool, clinging to one another
As the world around them burned and blazed
They floated, tried not to drown or smother
In the bitter ash and smoke filled haze.

They held on for endless hours
Waiting for the angry fire to die
Prayed to God to bring rain showers
But she grew weary and took a last sigh
She died in his sheltering arms
As the hot fire continued to rage
He held on protecting her from harm
Until the fire at last, assuaged.
He remained loyal and true to the very end
Although he had lost his love and dearest friend.

Linda Lee Lyberg
Author’s Note: Of all the terrible stories that have arisen from the ashes of the fires, this one struck a chord with me, and left me so sad. So I had to write a poem to honor the love of these two brave souls.

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