#Haibun: Christmas Memory

This time last year, I was embarking on an unknown journey as my 30+ years career was coming to an end. As the cold days of December crept in, so did my trepidation on what I was about to do.

I started taking long walks with my dog, and spending time in my garden meditating. The more time I spent in the garden, the more aware I became of the world surrounding me.
And once I noticed, I couldn’t stop seeing. There were signs of metamorphosis and change everywhere I looked. Tiny eggs laid by female Monarchs. Caterpillars munching away on the milkweed preparing for what would be a miraculous transformation. A chrysalis attached to the underside of the birdbath. Adult Monarchs flitting through the air and landing on me with graceful wings fluttering as if to reassure me, ‘Change is good. It’s the one true reality.’
I like to think they recognized a kindred spirit.
a kaleidoscope
butterflies on Christmas day
change is in the air


Linda Lee Lyberg

12 Comments on “#Haibun: Christmas Memory

  1. Metamorphosis…perfect for Christmas. I did my metamorphosis three years ago when I quit my career. I found tiny eggs from butterflies a couple of weeks ago and did my usual tying a ribbon on the branch to mark their whereabouts. There are quite a few such ribbons now. My husband complains it will be hard to trim the bushes but not too loudly. Thank you for this lovely vision of Christmas and change.


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