Where did the wind
find this feather?
Swirling, it rose…..

high into the turquoise sky
whispering with persistence
To Zephyrus
“Carry me to exotic lands”
…..only to alight
gracefully at her feet
©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg
 Author’s Note: Please bear with me- my first recording of poetry.

29 Comments on “Zephyrus

    • Oh my gosh- thank you Jill! My first and I thought- why not give it a go? Once I figured out the logistics on my MAC, I gave it a shot.


  1. I had sound taken off my computer as I find it distracting so I have no idea how you read. But, the poem is exquisite. The feather coming back gracefully is lovely. I prefer silence to people reading.


    • Thank you, I can understand your point. I am on the fence about it myself, but thought I would give it a shot.


      • Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I tried it once years ago during a poetry reading. Before it was my turn, I left. All the noise made my head hurt. There are some people with lovely voices and expression. But they are rare. I’m not saying you aren’t one of them. With no sound, I haven’t a clue. But I did so enjoy reading your poem…in silence.


      • I love your perspective- and wholly understand. Some things are better imagined in our own hearts than spoken.


  2. Great! I love the idea of the feather taking on life. The story of our life…asking for things beyond ourselves only to be left with what we have. No more exotic land that a Woman!!


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