On Becoming A Writer: Linda Lee Lyberg

Hello to all my fellow bloggers and followers! You may not be aware, but I am one of the baristas over on Go Dog Go Cafe. This past week, Christine had me answer a few questions you may enjoy. And if you have the opportunity, check out the site- it’s a great place for writers!

Go Dog Go Café

An important part of every writer’s journey is the transition from seeing ourselves as “someone who writes” to seeing ourselves as writers.  We asked all the Go Dog Go Baristas to tell us a little bit about their journey as a writer.  We hope you enjoy learning more about the Baristas and are inspired by their stories.

LindaWhen you did you start writing?

I have written all of my life, mostly for those close to me. I started to get serious about my writing in February 2017.

What kind of writing do you do?

I write various forms of poetry, and short stories.

Where do you find inspiration for your writing?

A lot of my writing comes from personal experience. Nature inspires me, the supernatural intrigues me, and I love a story with a good hook at the end. I surround myself with books, and read all types- from instructional…

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