#Haibun: Paris and Roses


We walk the streets of Paris for eternity, not caring what day or time it is. Magical moments catching the light in golden drenched photos.
You buy me a bouquet of red and white roses. Returning to our flat we take a self-portrait in the gilded oval mirror. How young and vibrant we look- Paris is good for us! Our love for each other shines in our eyes.


Wine, cheese, and a crusty baguette on the banks of the Seine celebrating our anniversary.
Riding on the Metro-we get lost, but who cares- it’s Paris!
A late night stop to hear a band in a wine cellar. Cheeks flushed from dancing, we leave the bar and go hunting for the perfect pastry to end the night.
Watching the children blowing bubbles after a rain. Memories become trapped in the kaleidoscope of colors.
We sleep in each other’s arms amid the cacophony of the city that never seems to rest.
Falling in love with each other again after 17 years of marriage. Ties that bind. Never to be broken.
strolling secret paths
the scent of baking baguettes
in love in Paris


©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

35 Comments on “#Haibun: Paris and Roses

  1. Linda, this is such a beautiful testimony to the love you share with your Viking. I love the Eiffel tower pic, your intro, the Halibun, and especially the photograph of you and your Viking in the gilded oval mirror! Happy 17th Anniversary to a special couple. 😊💛

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    • Thanks Walt- this was back in September of 2013. With a Haibun you have to write in present day. But after almost 5 years later, the memories are fresh!


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