An Ounce of Flesh


There is a newfound strength within me, though still fragile.”

-Journal excerpt dated 6/12/87
The pain was hot, piercingly fresh
I was young and little did I know
it was only an ounce of tender flesh
of what it would take for me to grow.

For a broken heart has been with me
For longer than I care to admit
I am someone who loves deeply
And I love with no regrets.


But looking back I realize
the pain all had meaning
to make me strong, to idealize
these lessons learned in living.


And now I cherish my simple life
I appreciate the smallest things
Watching the sun traveling the sky
while hearing the bluebirds sing.


©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg


Author’s Note: Amaya is hosting d’Verse Poetics tonight and has asked us to find inspiration using the pentimento concept, which in art is an alteration to a work as evidenced by traces of a previous work, showing that the artist has changed his/her mind.
In tonight’s prompt, write a poem in any form about a time (specifically or abstractly) you changed your mind. Keep in mind that pentimento in Italian means ‘repentance’, so a change for the greater good is what we’re going for, not one resulting in regret or even greater remorse. One method of doing so may be to go back and read something you wrote years ago and see if it is something you would be ready to publish today.

21 Comments on “An Ounce of Flesh

  1. Lots of subtleties in this one. I like the way your first time loss at the beginning has made you stronger in the end. The painting is perfect with this poem.

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  2. Linda, your poem reminds me of a saying I heard the other night while speaking with a peace pilgrim. She said so matter-of-factly and gently, “Pain is love being healed.” This stood out to me because, like most everyone, I shy away from pain thinking it some kind of punishment, especially the broken heart variety. Your last stanza shows how true this simple statement is. Thank you for your contribution.

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  3. I think that the difficult makes the easier all the more sweeter. I read recently that we “map” that which is familiar — for example, where things are in a cupboard, our loved one’s face…and the danger is that the daily becomes so commonplace that we no longer really “see” and appreciate it. You’ve mentioned appreciating the simple things of life….exactly. For example, when I travel to another corner of the world, where things are different, not better or worse, just different…and then I reflect on simple things at home and appreciate them…the ability to turn on a faucet and have water, for example.
    Ah, your post has got me connecting with your words and thinking beyond them…and that is the sign of a very good writer! 🙂 Nice response to the prompt!

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