Some people view the world as tragic
and full of impending doom
but I see the universe as magic
if you take time to smell the bloom.

The sweet yellow perfumed rose
full of secrets yearning to be told
take a breath, and plunge your nose
breathe in its honeyed golden folds.


Or pause to watch a blue dragonfly
while in his dynamic aerial flight
his magical antics seem to defy
logic and reason, what a pure delight!


And if after this, you still fail to see
the magical universe laid before you
perchance, my friend, you should climb a tree
and then you may have a more positive view.


©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg
Author’s note: Many thanks to my genuine friend Trevor who challenged me to write about the magic of the universe. Thanks for the inspiration and your friendship!

22 Comments on “Magical

  1. LOL! Linda, you hit the nail on the head with this one… Some people need to be pushed off the limb to wake them up to all the magical beautiful we see every day! Great poem!

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  2. You’re poem is great tonic to get me going this Saturday morning, Linda! I enjoyed the stanza about the dragonfly, which has special significance for me..

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