#Haibun: Death

February 18,1994
Chilling cold, a slate grey day. As we step from the hearse the rain, with an audible sigh of relief from the burgeoning sky, begins. People come forward, offer umbrellas.
Nothing penetrates the mask I wear, not the rain, not the cold, only the gaping emptiness of loss. As we make our way to the grave, the bagpipes haunt my every step on the lush wet grass- Amazing Grace. The rain dulls the music, it’s as if it drops into the grave below the coffin, looking for shelter. From the rain and from the pain. I want to follow it into the earthy, dark gaping hole.
Adorning the casket is a magnificent cascading spray of snow white roses. In the center of them all, a single blood red rose. From me, for love.

foreboding grey skies
One red rose in stark contrast
teardrops water grave
©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

56 Comments on “#Haibun: Death

  1. Beautiful write. You wrote about your grief in such an honest way. The one red rose among the white – for love. I am so sorry to learn this about you. I hope things have healed and gotten better. I admire your fortitude.

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  2. Thank you for sharing such a personal haibun, Linda, which evokes such loss and pain, especially in the sounds of ‘a slate grey day’, the ‘audible sigh of relief from the burgeoning sky’ and the haunting bagpipes. And the one red rose.

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  3. Nothing Penetrates the mask i wear….powerfull and true for so many at funerals….for a short part of them…your poem makes me think of the colours black white green red and obviously grey..one persons thoughts..i like it

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  4. I’m sorry, Linda, for your loss and grief that you eloquently share here. The beauty of your love symbolized by the single red rose touches me. (I recall that strong desire to jump in with coffin when my mother was buried.)

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  6. I am a Funeral piper, my heart always goes out to those left behind. Long before the procession arrives at graveside my only thought is providing those in attendance with my best skills and a simple offer of honor and decorum. I always remove my hat while the final prayer is offered. I strike the pipe to life, play one verse of a chosen selection and slowly walk away. All while knowing that life for those there that day- will never be the same.

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