#Charmed Musings: No. 14



“Who do you

turn to when

you feel


©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg


Author’s Note: Charmed Musings– a series of tiny thoughts to encourage thought and introspection.

This thought stems from an emotion that many of us have felt at one time or another in our lives- loneliness. We can be surrounded by others, yet still feel alone. Why?

I hope you all have a wonderful and peaceful Sunday.

The universe is magical- Linda



10 Comments on “#Charmed Musings: No. 14

  1. I never felt lonely until I reached senior age. I was too busy between job, family, and friends. Dannie and I connected after I retired. She lived nearby and picked me up for church. We did a lot together and talked on the phone often. She helped me grow closer to my Savior. After she passed away is when I started feeling lonely. My husband is great but not one to talk about girlie things. I often talk to God, but He’s not much for conversation. Sometimes I’ll call a friend who I know is often lonely too. My illness makes it difficult to get up and go. I do what I can; I’m the president of our writers group; also I’m in Sertoma and belong to a rock club, volunteer at a local nursing home, attend Bible Study and church. In between I write so I have my characters to spend time with! With all that it makes me wonder how I ever have the time to feel lonely.

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