#Haibun: Lemon Blossom

Late afternoon in the garden and the sun warms my chilled skin as I sink into the cushioned rocker and breathe.


The air is pure, yet thick and cloying as the lemon blossoms are bursting forth with citrusy beauty. The hypnotic combination of the warm sun and the sweet scent brings a heaviness to my eyes.


I hear the hummingbirds chittering at one another, fighting for their rightful place at the feeders. The gentle cooing of mourning doves nesting in the cypress joins nature’s melody.

A light breeze carries the sound of tinkling chimes, lulling me into a trance.


Bees buzz from blossom to blossom, as they gather pollen for their sweetest of nectars. The sun, no longer a source for my warmth begins to sink below the horizon.


lemon blossom tang
laden with citrus pollen
bees lumber back home

©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

Author’s Note: Tonight’s prompt at d’Verse is No Ke Me, Tree Buds. Here in Arizona, we are already seeing blossoms on the citrus.

29 Comments on “#Haibun: Lemon Blossom

  1. I was wondering where you were located! I like the sleepy drowsy quality of your haibun. And the pic of the lemon blossom. And the haiku with lumbering bees…I love it.

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  2. The scent of citrus blossoms is so heady (and I like your “cloying”). When I nursed in France we used to add them to tea (tissane with Linden blossoms) to help patients’ relax and sleep better. Outside my bedroom window our lime tree is in bloom. Ahhh.

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