#Haiku: Soul Seeds


rain on scorched desert

soul seeds open, bursting forth

cycle of rebirth

©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

Carpe Diem’s episode for March 1st.  This month we will be exploring the Quran as a book of wisdom and a source for inspiration. Chèvrefeuille has shared a quote from the Quran:

“And cite for them the parable of the present life: it is like water that We send down from the sky; the plants of the earth absorb it; but then it becomes debris, scattered by the wind. God has absolute power over everything.  Wealth and children are the adornments of the present life. But the things that last, the virtuous deeds, are better with your Lord for reward, and better for hope.” (Surah 18: Ayah 45 & 46)

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