#Haiku: Thunder & Lightning


mighty hand of God

tempest thunders in fire sky

eve of reckoning


©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg


Photo by Max LaRochelle on Unsplash


Carpe Diem #1381 Thunder and Lightning

March 2nd episode: The following verses are from the Surah ar-Ra’d or thunder. Thunder and Lightning is the title of this episode and Chèvrefeuille has chosen this title because thunder and lightning are energies “used” by God. Maybe He used it as He was creating the flood that re-created Earth (the story of Noah). The Quran mentions thunder and lightning as a kind of punishment for Earth and its inhabitants.

[…] “It is He who shows you the lightning, causing fear and hope. And He produces the heavy clouds. The thunder praises His glory, and so do the angels, in awe of Him. And He sends the thunderbolts, striking with them whomever He wills. Yet they argue about God, while He is Tremendous in might.” […] (Surah 13: 12-13)

A similar verse we find in the book of Exodus:

[…] “And all the people were watching the thunderings and the flames and the sound of the horn and the mountain smoking; and when they saw it, they kept far off, shaking with fear. And they said to Moses, To your words we will give ear, but let not the voice of God come to our ears, for fear death may come on us.” […](Exodus 20: 18-19)


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