Soul Travel
And lo, a restless soul goes roaming
through all the endless ebony nights
as it dances in the garden of dreams
The heart longs to flee and take flight.

Wanting to visit the past of other lives led
but it’s moored to this present world’s form
with a delicate skein of bright silver thread
and a vow to protect this life from all harm.
At times, there are miraculous flashes
when Spirit feels it is floating so free
Traveling through infinite space, it crashes
landing soundly in the open heart of me.
And there the entity rests as seconds tick by
for he knows this sweet place where he thrived
As she gasps in her sleep, with a forlorn heavy sigh
He once again bids her barren heart goodbye.

©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg


19 Comments on “Soul Travel

  1. Perhaps our souls meet Timothy Leary in the night. Growing up, my mom delved into akashic records, astral planing, and the like (she lacked airfare and a decent wardrobe for travel). This reminded me of that! One never truly knows, I guess!

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