Spring in the Universe

Let the songs of tree swallows
arise in an ariose flood
let it flow through the hollows
to every flower, tree, and bud.


Listen to their soulful message
as this immense universe aligns
be thankful for the smallest blessings
and herald in radiant Spring’s signs.

©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

3 Comments on “Spring in the Universe

  1. Tree swallows are a lovely sight.
    There’s a park along the Niagara River, elevated about 15 feet above the water, that has a 200 yard section that is kept in a natural state with wild grass. There are about a dozen bluebird houses along that stretch and every one is taken over by tree swallows. I think it’s probably too windy for bluebirds. (It’s a great place for kite flying.)

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