The Mistress of Time

Her spring curls wound tight upon her coifed head
she was the mistress of time and took him to her bed.


Once there, she’d do amazing things with her tiny hands

He lost count of every hour as seconds slipped into sand.

She coaxed him on and on and his desire at last, unlocked
until he was no longer himself, but only a clock stopped.

©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg 

28 Comments on “The Mistress of Time

  1. oh this is wonderful!!! From the title to the words in the poem…..tiny hands (I’m reminded of a clock) – she coaxed him on and on….I’m reminded here of a clock wound too tight that bursts, its springs exploding….Oh I’m smiling at this one! Glad you used this image….and thanks so much for responding to the prompt. LOVE this take on the prompt! 🙂

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  2. I really love this.

    I know you mean it to be sensual, but it actually makes me think of a little girl wearing out her daddy with dress-up and games and jumping on the bed. 🙂

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  3. I so love the storyline of time until the clock stopped ~ I was wondering if anyone will take this photo and you did ~ Well done ~

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  4. I love this, Linda, from the ‘Her spring curls wound tight’ to the ‘seconds slipped into sand’ and she even stopped the clock!.

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