#Haiku: Free Spirit


tranquility state

free spirit in universe

a heart ripped open


©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg


Today’s post on Carpe Diem includes a beautiful poem by Rumi:


A certain Sufi tore his robe in grief, 
and the tearing brought such relief he gave the robe 
the name faraji, which means ripped open,

or happiness, or one who brings the joy 
of being opened. It comes from the stem faraj, 
which also refers to the genitals, male and female.

His teacher understood the purity of the action, 
while others just saw the ragged appearance.

If you want peace and purity, tear away 
the coverings! This is the purpose of emotion, 
to let a streaming beauty flow through you.

Call it spirit, elixir, or the original agreement 
between yourself and God. Opening into that 
gives peace, a song of being empty, pure silence.

© Rumi (Taken from The Book of Love by Coleman Barks)


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