K.K. Storm and the StormTroopers

She said she was with the band
and I said, Oh, really?
Let me stand and give you a hand
because I don’t think we’ve met
you see my name is K.K.
and I’m the lead singer.

She dropped her jaw
and looked at me
with her starstruck eyes
Oh my God, I thought you see
that K.K. was a man.
I looked at her
and ran my hands
over my leathered body
do these curves look like a man
But my, you are a hotty.
Then she turned and ran
before I could get my hands
around her slender neck.
But if she should come back,
I’ll collar her and keep her
for my love slave pet!
 ©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg
Author’s Note: Years ago, I was married to a lead guitarist/lead singer.  I can’t tell you how many times I was standing in line at the ladies bathroom, and I was asked- “Are you with the Band?”
It always rankled me, as if I was with every member of the band. My response was, “No I am with my husband and he is in the band.”  And as far as the fictitious name of this band I wrote about above, my husband and I came up with the name one day when he was trying to encourage me to get into the music scene with him. I, of course was K.K!
Although I strayed from the list form, I had a bit of fun with this prompt from

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