Tempting RA



He, the powerful and brilliant sun- RA


She, Venus, smaller than earth, orbiting his enticing light
for no moon beckons to her in dark obsidian nights

Ra a charming suitor, bowing before her beauty,
kneeling at the altar of her luscious, glistening body
yearning for her, longing to hear their hearts collide.


Venus, tempting Ra, beseeching him to scorch her tender flesh


Burn your name all over me, until the universe and the stars
know I am yours and only yours to do with as you please


Shaken to his fiery core, he enters her, sighs at last
You are mine, for eternity I am tattooed on your love drenched soul.
Bathe in my blinding light as your passionate volcanoes erupt.


©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg
This week, for Kiwinana’s challenge I opted to use synonyms and write a double Cherita.

12 Comments on “Tempting RA

  1. Thanks, very nice poetry, a new one, I have not seen that one. Have you a link on how to write the Cherita form? So happy you have chosen a completely different form of poetry away from the common style and using synonyms. Thanks for sharing.

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