Days of Youth

A mockingbird crooned his melody
as I sat under a blooming Lilac tree
I closed my eyes and soon drifted away
lulled by soft buzzing of the honeybees.

Sweet scent of lilac filled the warm day
as I began to dream of frolicking play
remembering youth and how I shined
never knowing the steep price I’d pay.


Recalling nights drinking fruit of the vine
Falling into the arms of a love so divine
if only back then, I had been able to see
his unfaithful heart would never be mine.


©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg
Today’s prompt at NaPoWriMo was a challenge to write  a poem that stirs the senses.
Frank hosts the bar tonight and asks we complete a Rubaiyat or variation thereof.

42 Comments on “Days of Youth

  1. Beautiful and sad! No one can predict the future. I can smell the lilacs. We cut our first lilac blooms just this evening. The aroma fills the air!

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  2. Beautiful! Methinks the reason we’re not warned is that we’re meant to learn something from it… how to be stronger etc . You made this look easy 🙂

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  3. Wow. You perfectly captured the sweet, fragrant, simple joy of youth (I could smell the lilacs) and the ache of that first painful loss… Funny that the smell of lilacs seems to carry such a universal memory. Takes me right back to sweeter, more innocent days. Lovely poem…even with the painful reminder…thank you so much…❤️

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