Haibun: Spring’s Demise

It is warm and breezy on my afternoon walk. The wind blows my hair off my neck where my sweat is collecting. I hear the tap,tap,tap of a red-headed woodpecker high up in a palm tree, determined to find a tasty insect. Mockingbirds flit across my path, curious about me. Gazing up, the Jacaranda trees are in full bloom with vivid lavender clusters against a pale blue sky.
A sadness hangs over me today; I am not sure why.
Is it because Spring no more than did a curtsy and began its gay dance before Summer came roaring in, stumbling across the desert floor drunk from its oppressive heat?

Compass cactus blooms
scorching desert sun shines bright
rushing Spring’s demise
©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

29 Comments on “Haibun: Spring’s Demise

  1. Oh, very well done! Having only a passing acquaintance with the desert, I have to will myself into your place, but I think you did a good job of bringing me there.

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  2. The heat will be arriving here this week as well. Spring doesn’t seem to be lasting long. I like the description of sadness hanging over one. It happens to me at times and I don’t know why it does that.

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  3. I like the juxtaposition of the descriptions of your environment and then that one sentence about your inner world. Great work!

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  4. I am imagining those ” lavender clusters against a pale blue sky.” Your haiku is lovely!
    I have visited the desert area in spring and especially love the cactus blooms.

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  5. This is a beautifully sensory haibun, Linda, with the feeling of the wind blowing the hair off your neck and the sweat collecting; the sound of the woodpecker; and the colours of the Jacaranda against the sky. I especially love the personification of spring and summer ‘stumbling across the desert floor drunk from its oppressive heat’, and the gorgeous snapshot of the desert in your haiku!

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  6. I always want spring and fall to linger as long as possible. The desert would be no place for me, although I love its light and cactus blooms. Thank you for taking us there.

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  7. So well done, you took me there.
    Here, in colder climes, although loving spring, I welcome summer more.
    Anna :o]

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  8. Sorry, for being late to the party. I have had a very busy week. This was a perfect description of our weather in New York. We went from winter to a few days of spring
    and now oppressive heat.

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