Farewell, Moon


Waning moon in blue morning sky
it seems like a short while yesterday
when you were lush and full one night
but with each day you are fading away.

Time speeding by all these years
with a full life more than half done
so many wasted hours shedding tears
better spent basking in youth’s bright sun.

With each full moon comes an epiphany
marking tender years as they ticktock by
living an innocent sweet life of serendipity
believing you’ll never have to say goodbye.

But the moon each month bids its farewell
resting for the next brilliant spot on high
and so must we all answer to death’s knell
repose and pause, prepare for our next life.
©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg


24 Comments on “Farewell, Moon

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  2. This is good. It reminds me of old black and white movies where Indians reported their age in moons, or talked about something being many moons ago. I know too many moons have gone by since I did anything very productive, lol

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