Soul Flight
As I watch graceful dandelion seeds today
dancing through the sweet air, happy and gay
like music notes bouncing in turquoise sky
I hear a haunting song as they begin to play.

An aria so poignant tears fall from my eyes
thinking of sorrowful times I’ve said good-bye
to those souls I’ve loved, cherished, and adored
as grief fills my hurting heart with a heavy sigh.


I contemplate the mystery of death’s door
why it opens for some, but for others, nor
the music fades as they soar out of my sight
I know I won’t see these tiny pips evermore.


With hope I peer above, see a bright light
as the blue sky fills with tiny puffs of white
flying to the open heavens at lofty heights
the sky opens up, as they bid me good-night.


©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg


Author’s Note:
Mish is hosting Poetics over at d’Verse and the topic is I am learning still. No matter how many times death and the grief that follows are placed in my path, each time is a new learning. Why do some die young, yet others live on and on? What happens after we die? Where does our soul go? Questions…

39 Comments on “Soul Flight

  1. I love the way you used music references, especially, “like music notes bouncing in turquoise sky”. A beautifully crafted poem Linda ☺💜

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  2. A beautiful title to start. Loss is so powerful and devastating but your words flow beautifully just like the dandelion seeds floating to the heavens.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve pondered the question of the third stanza myself. Why i’ve lived when others didn’t. I can’t answer why, so I just have to give thanks for today

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Equating the fleeting fluff of dandelions to the sometimes fleeting presence of those we’ve loved is a brilliant metaphor. Beautiful write!

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