The Scent of Jasmine


Come Mon Chéri, sip on my red wine
‘neath the tender bowers of the jasmine vine.

Let the heady scent of sweet summer flowers
bathe us in perfume as we while away hours.

Rest my love, your head upon my tender breast
for our adventures have but begun in this love fest.

Lick sweat off my glistening skin, nibble on my neck
kiss my silken thighs until I’m a trembling wreck.

Undress me with tender care as I do the same for you
and once we’re both nude, we slip into the inviting pool.

Immersed in cool blue waters does nothing to ease our ardor
to deny ourselves now my lover would be even harder.
Teasing, I swim away from you under the pale pink moon
my escape is futile for you send me into a sensual swoon.
Whirling me around you enter my blossoming wet flower
your supple body takes me with all your manhood’s power.


At last, our cries of release reverberate through the night
our souls once more appeased, our world anew, set right.

©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

26 Comments on “The Scent of Jasmine

  1. Oh yum-yum – I need a man!
    BTW, if you have linked to PU – your link isn’t working.
    Anna :o]

    Liked by 1 person

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