Haibun: Mother’s Rose

The roses we planted together are thriving. They bloom profusely in Spring, and then
again near your birthday in December. You loved your Rio Samba roses mom. I’m always
amazed at not only their size, but also the profusion of color they display. I had a visitor
in the garden recently;  a beautiful Flame Skimmer dragonfly.
It landed near me, and was not afraid. It kept peering at me with large eyes,
and followed my every movement.
I like to think it was you, still watching over me and checking in on our garden.
You taught me everything I know about plants. And you taught me about
survival, and how to go through life with grace.
I love you, I miss you, and this is for you.

everlasting love
mother’s spirit never dies
bright roses blooming


©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

8 Comments on “Haibun: Mother’s Rose

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  2. How beautifully you have written this Linda. (Sadly your link to Poets United is not working so I just shortened your posted home address and it got me there).

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  3. This is lovely. My mother lived with me the last 12 years of her life. My rose garden reminds me of her because she encouraged me to choose rich, lively colors (among them a Rio Samba) and because one of the bushes was actually hers. Thanks for a beautiful post. 😊

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