Haibun: Wild Lovebirds

Wild lovebirds come to feed at my feeders every day. The story goes they were released from a defunct aviary or escaped on their own. Originally from Africa, they thrive here in the desert Southwest. They are beautiful, loving creatures, mating for life and becoming despondent if they lose their mate. I observe their emotions and know they feel things. Not as humans do, but they kiss, are tender with one another. A father feeds his son.
He picks at the seedcake as his little one sits nearby, feeding him with the food in his mouth. If the boy tries to eat from the cake, papa, with the utmost care, scolds him. He remembers being a youngster and the impatience of youth.

wild lovebirds feeding
young and old thriving in peace
love for each other
 ©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg
Xenia Tran is hosting, and has challenged us to write about compassion and empathy without using the words.
Photo from Wikimedia Commons

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