Two as One

I, this one who loves
                                                                     placing a passionate kiss
Capture the flowered moon
                                                                     on your pink stained lips
Wrapping with a faithful garland
                                                                     when I give my heart
Red roses,white lilies, rosemary
                                                                     your fragrance overwhelms
I will follow you into eternity
                                                                     as the scent of love surrounds me
Painting the vast universe
                                                                    with the colors of a rainbow
On your pure white soul
                                                                   staining my own to match
So we will always know
                                                                   our thoughts blend
When we meet
                                                                   two as one
©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg
Author’s Note: Paul is hosting at d’Verse tonight and has asked us to write a contrapuntal poem. Essentially a contrapuntal is the combining of two separate poems. Both poems are mine. They can be read separately, or together. This is my first time to try this form.

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